Feb 23rd 2018
What Will You Discover In 2018?

When you realise you are ready to make a change towards more conscious eating, I can tell you, with absolute faith, that it will be something you won’t ever want to give up on. Why? Because I am 11 years in and I love it!

The best bit about becoming aware of what you’re eating, and by this I more specifically mean, becoming aware of the foods that make you feel good (and those that don’t), is that you then become open to opportunities of discovering new foods! I have multiple food intolerances and the most disruptive ones are gluten, yeast & sugar, closely followed by dairy; as a result, I made the decision to seek out new foods, and keenly so! For me, convenient foods that were also nutritional, were key. Protein bars, as well as lush green smoothies, became of interest very quickly and this started my quest for new foods discovery.

The arrival of a new year always brings promises of ‘new year, new me’ and the disappointment of ‘I didn’t quite manage it’. Well if you, like me, are glad all of that is out of the way now that January is over, let’s take a more positive approach and instead, look to a more manageable and exciting lifestyle change, a move towards new discoveries and more sustainable choices.

The strike of the new year also brings with it predictions of trends for the months ahead. So, now that we’re settled in and over that January slump, here are my thoughts on trends for 2018.

Tea Trend: More and more places are stocking a wider range of teas than ever before. I am a big fan of a tea selection and I am pleased to see menus boasting all kinds of varieties including: black, green, white, mixed, herbal and tisanes. Yay!

Healthy Non-Alcoholic Drinks: I’m sure you’ve noticed an increase in the variety of tonics on the supermarket shelves and bar fridges (usually to accompany gin)? How about enjoying a delicious mixer on its own with a little ice and garnish? I enjoy a tonic with angostura bitters and a slice of grapefruit or lemon – tangy, light and refreshing.

Water: Essential for our being and if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the taste directly from the tap, keep it up! If you live somewhere where bottled water is more preferred but you are concerned about the impact on the planet, then researching your water filter options is a good idea. Filters that remove all impurities and then add minerals back in are best. Drinking water with no minerals can increase mineral leaching from stores within your system and thus, make you more deficient in certain minerals – not a good thing. On-the-go options are bottles that are BPA-free (BPA is an industrial chemical that is used to make certain plastics, including bottles, and it has been noted in some studies that, it may seep into our water and foods from the containers it is made into) and better yet, grab one that has a built-in filter, you may even consider adding an activated charcoal stick to you water too (toxin removing too!). I’m looking into gravity water filters also; these are really affordable and provide reverse osmosis, remineralization of water and the water tastes great too.

Rise in plant-based diets: I think we may see more and more people take to a more plant-based lifestyle in 2018. It’s important to say that, whether you go for plant-based protein, vegan, vegetarian or are a meat eater, it doesn’t really matter, just keep an open mind and make conscious choices, being sure to keep variety in your diet for optimal health.

Localism: Supporting local businesses and learning more about seasonality. From picking your own through foraging to allowing others to introduce you to what is in season by visiting local farmers markets and buying from local growers. I think we will see a wider move towards localism in 2018.

Superfood Powders: Let’s talk purple plates/glasses. In the purple corner we have maqui powder boasting lots of antioxidants and helps with weight loss. In the green corner we have moringa powder with a nutrient profile you’ll certainly want to get your hands on. In the yellow corner, baobab, not new to the market but worth mentioning, if it isn’t in your cupboards it really ought to be! In the blue corner, blueberry powder, for a more intense nutritional profile and finally, the grey corner, charcoal is becoming more popular too. Why invest in a superfood powder? Because we all know that, some days are better healthy eating days than others; but by adding a smoothie or juice with some powders in too, then you ensure that everyday is a good day nutritionally. Smoothie tip – Baobab tastes great, no really, it does! When I use unsweetened pea protein powder, I also ensure that I also add a tbsp of baobab in to make it taste really good, plus it’s an excellent source of calcium too!

So that’s it! My thoughts on 2018 as well as some ideas for new food discoveries! What will you be investigating in 2018? I’d love to hear!

Emily x