Super Smoothie

This recipe is one that you can use to make ANY smoothie taste great. The superfood formula won’t break the bank balance and is one that you will instantly think- why did I not think of that! I prefer using protein powders that are unsweetened e.g. pea protein powder, this way it doesn’t have any ingredients with hidden meanings like natural flavour (can also mean yeast extract or MSG, it is synthetic and we do not know how the flavour was derived). Pea protein powder paired with frozen fruit may still taste bitter but adding this superfood powder into the mix will instantly take that away and naturally sweeten whilst nutritionally boost your smoothie.

The Creation

  1. Add the liquid into the high speed blender, between 250ml to 500ml.
  2. Add the powders, optional other ingredients: frozen fruit, avocado, spinach, kale, cacao powder.
  3. Blend until combined or smooth.