Simple Salad Dressing

Salad dressing can be rather calorific when purchasing already made, it is quite easy and simple to make your own and maybe even have a little collection in your fridge to choose from for example, lemon, harissa, garlic etc. Using lemon in dressings helps to not only add a good balance of salt without the need for salt, it creates the umami flavour and has natural preserving qualities too. Therefore you can make a bottle of salad dressing that will last a few weeks too. Or just make it as you go.

This is the base that I like to use when all I want is a simple salad dressing.

The Creation

  1. Add the oil into a jar.
  2. Add half the lemon juice & pepper.
  3. Put the lid on tightly and shake until the oil emulsifies with the lemon and becomes a cloudy yellow colour.
  4. Taste. If you think it needs salt, add more lemon.
  5. Mix and taste again. Add all the lemon if this suits your tastes buds, more if needed.
  6. If you feel it is missing salt add a pinch at this stage.