Simple Goodness- Hot Lemon

When you are feeling poorly and want something that will get you quickly back to feeling well again, this is the drink to help you to do just that! It is simple and I am sure you know about it but for some reason when we feel poorly we might think of this second to reaching for painkillers, this is by far the best drink to have over any shop bought chemical hot drink etc.

Hot lemon, half to one whole lemon juiced, plus cut a slice of lemon with rind added into the cup too for the rind has lots of minerals the body needs. You can keep it straight forward by just simply adding warm water maybe with a spoonful of local honey/ raw honey or Manuka honey. If you feel that perhaps you want some extras, try adding in fresh ginger this can be grated (more potent) or sliced and another you might wish to try for it is excellent support to any respiratory issues you might have is a sprig of rosemary! It’s a bit like a cocktail without the alcohol for you’re providing your body with a plethora of vitamins & minerals to help it quickly recover.

The Creation

  1. Squeeze juice into cup.
  2. Add lemon slice.
  3. Pour slightly cooled boiled water onto it.
  4. Add any extras.


Repeat for however many you feel you need, listen to your body it will soon tell you. I’ve drunk about 4-6 in one day, with lots of room temperature water to help flush out toxins.

When buying lemons get unwaxed variety and buy at least four lemons.