Feb 8th 2018
Hello Food@One friends and welcome to my new website.

I love writing my weekly tips and I wanted to create a place where you could continue to browse all my articles, recipes and videos throughout the week, so the Health Hub was born!

I’ve even left in my first ever videos of pancake making, well because they’re kind of cute and everyone has to start somewhere (I do slightly cringe when watching them!)

I will still continue to write my weekly newsletters linking you with all this information and there’s certainly lots more to come.

There are some fab new updates that I want to share with you now, as a member you have access to lots of information and will be the first to know about everything from new courses, recipes, videos and you have the luxury of browsing it all in your own time too.

New courses

Featured on the homepage in a new box are some of my new courses, a few are seasonal and will only last a month so book quickly!

For example raw chocolate making is now a collection with;

  • Raw Chocolate: Introduction, covering the basics of learning about different sugars, cacao powders, cocoa solids vs cacao butter, how to strip chocolate of all refined sugars and emulsifiers to create a healthier version tailored to your taste buds. Create dark, white & milk varieties.
  • Raw Chocolate: Pralines & Caramels, moving on from the basics learn how to turn your healthy raw chocolate into pralines and how to create a superfood caramel centres. With this you will be able to make a variety of chocolates but will need to have an understanding of how to make raw chocolate.
  • Raw Chocolate: Advanced, a new addition to the family. Learn how to temper raw chocolate and the preparation that goes into it, it’s actually really easy once you “know how” make delicious raw chocolate that shines and has a perfect snap.

Also I have created a new course called Wholesome Treats, for we all love something sweet and what’s even better is that these are delicious & nutritious. Featuring: a healthy hazelnut truffle, nut butter bites with added plant protein too, raw bakes and a creamy coconut truffle plus a few others.

How about an Afternoon Jolly, where between four to six people can come for a relaxed fun approach to creating a delicious delight. To kick off these afternoons we make gluten free profiteroles, these are so much fun to make pipe profiteroles or male eclairs or even for the ambitious- swans! I can take requests so if there is one thing you and your friends would like to master do get in contact with me.

There’s a few more new courses, be sure to check out the cookery courses list.


Recipes have had a revamp and if you’re just looking for recipes, use the dropdown menu in the left hand corner and select recipes. This will pull back all my recipes for you to browse and if you know exactly what you want use the search box to find it.

I hope you enjoy being a member of the Health Hub, there are new recipes on their way and I will keep you as always updated in the weekly newsletter.

Emily xx