Mar 15th 2018
Gravity Filtered Water – Reducing My Single Use Plastic

I’m a country girl; I grew up drinking water from the tap and, although a little chalky, we were very blessed to have our own well in the back garden. When I moved out and took residence at university, the water wasn’t quite so fresh and I longed for the clean, fresh taste of our countryside water. At the end of my first visit home during Reading Week, I packed my belongings back up into my suitcase and with them, I packed my water filter jug too! We were going back to university together!

After my degree, I came back to Kent: I was living in a new build home and found the water palatable. Shortly after, I moved into (and renovated) a Victorian property. Well, I can say with certainty that, from the moment we moved in, the water from the tap did not agree with me. At first, I thought I was being pedantic so I’d force myself to drink it, however I’d often end up feeling queasy: it had a metallic taste and aftertaste that made my taste-buds squirm. Then, about 9-12 months ago, I started to buy bottled water; initially just a few bottles here or there to break up the displeasing taste of the tap water. Later, this turned into purchasing and drinking bottled water only, no longer drinking the tap water I detested so much. However, conscious of my single-use plastic consumption and the build up of recycling at home, I was keen to find an alternative to buying bottled water.

After undergoing a hair mineral test and upon confirmation that there were high levels of lead in my body, I knew something had to change. I started to look into reverse osmosis machines & filters; I had always wanted to look into these processes but understood them to come with a hefty price tag – which they did (although, can one really put a price tag on health & fresh clean water?) I spoke with a water analyst who said they could come out and do tests on our water to figure out what was causing the taste, as well as check that we had the space for one of these machines. When carrying out my research and investigations, we found that the water mains pipe from the path to our house would probably be lead: we checked with a neighbour who confirmed that our whole road was likely to be lead, given the era of the properties in this area – all Victorian.


After months of playing telephone tennis with the machine company and not getting very far, I was pleased when I later discovered a gravity water filter machine – and at a fraction of the cost of a reverse osmosis carbon filter machine! By this point, we were pretty desperate – I couldn’t continue drinking harmful water from the tap and I was extremely conscious of my carbon footprint and our impact on the planet. The BBC documentary, Blue Planet, highlighted the huge impact that plastic is having on our oceans and ecosystems – there was no way I wanted to continue contributing to it in this way: we opted for the gravity water filter machine.


So here it is: our YVE-BIO gravity carbon water filter. The parts, like all filters, need to be replaced every 6 months but again, at a fraction of the cost. This machine removes lead and other unwanted minerals, whilst replacing a wealth of beneficial nutrients too. I was concerned that the machine might be too large for the space available in our kitchen, but I am pleased to report that it fits perfectly: it’s neat and was easy to put together. The machine holds up to 5 litres of water at once, and the only downside to this is, upon setup, the machine required two full flushes – after this, I am thrilled to say that the water tastes great!

The inquisitor in me decided to carry out a taste-test on a few friends and family. In one glass I poured Evian bottled water, in the other, a glass from my new machine. Each of us were amazed that we could taste absolutely no difference between the two liquids – really! We are over the moon with this purchase and glad to be back to minimal plastic bottle consumption! I have now purchased a reusable water bottle so that I can take this brilliant tasting water out and about with me – and not a single-use bottle in sight! Hurrah!

If you’d like to try the YVE-BIO water filter too and have any questions, please send them my way – I’d be happy to help.

I purchased mine off Amazon, it arrived really quickly, here’s the link: 

Emily x