Aug 4th 2018
Energetically Cool Yourself

Sunshine and heat although on the one hand is appreciated, when it gets hot, humid and we all start to wilt; we find ourselves wishing for a breeze, a swim in the sea or even some rain to cool everything down. Waiting for this to happen and relying to our British weather is a test within itself. I wrote the post on Refreshing Foods in Spring and tips in there are still relevant right now although I felt like we could do with some extra ways in which to help ourselves cool down.

I am very interested in alternative medicine as my own experience of using a nutritionist to make myself well again is where my trust formed a firm foundation. Since then I have been interested with the principles in Ayurvedic Medicine and at the moment I find myself most drawn to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

A year or two ago, I went along to a qi-gong class in Canterbury and this is where I met Nicola who was studying acupuncture at the time and was already then very knowledgeable around the subject, having now qualified I asked Nicola if she had any tips to help with the intensity of heat we are currently experiencing.

Stay Cool this Summer: A Chinese Medicine View, By Nicola Booth-Jones

We are having such a wonderful Summer here in Whitstable, Kent and I am pleased to be having a break before starting my own practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) acupuncture and naturopathy, following 5 years of extensive study. The unique combination of acupuncture and naturopathy will allow me to treat patients holistically by being able to give advice on lifestyle, nutrition, herbs and flower essences to support acupuncture points prescriptions. I look forward to seeing you for treatments in the Autumn on my return from postgraduate training in Nanjing, China.

In the meantime, I have some suggestions to help you with keeping yourself cool this Summer. In TCM, Summer is related to the Fire element. It is the time of abundant Yang energy, when you become the most outward expression of yourself. The emotion of Fire is joy and the expression is laughter (those who know me will know It is my favourite time of the year)!

The organs of the Fire element are the Heart and the Small Intestine. The Small Intestine is vitally important as it’s job is to separate the pure from the impure, both nutritionally and emotionally, thus allowing the Heart to receive what it needs. Supporting both organs will allow the heart to radiate outwards.

In the hot weather, it is tempting to reach for ice cold drinks and ice cream, but both are actually counterproductive as they cool and block the digestive system. In TCM heat is required to fire up the digestive processes. So, instead of reaching for too many ice creams, why not try some energetically cooling foods.

If digestion is strong, try raw foods such as cucumber and salads with celery and lemon. If digestion is weak try steaming vegetables such as spinach and drink peppermint or chrysanthemum tea.

You can also try acupressure on acupuncture points such as: –

  • Large Intestine 4 (Hegu), which is located at the highest point of the bulge of the muscle when the thumb and index finger are pressed together. This point regulates and adjusts sweating (don’t use if pregnant).

  • Large Intestine 11 (Quichi) located at the lateral end of the elbow crease. This point is great for clearing heat.

  • Heart 8 (Shaofu) located on the palm between the 4th & 5th metacarpal bones, where the tip of the little finger rests when a loose fist is made. This point clears heat from the Heart and Small Intestine.

I have been trying the acupressure points this week and can confirm that they work, I was surprised just by how much! A few people even commented on how “cool” I looked, no sweaty forehead and alert not in a daze.  Another thing is that this isn’t intrusive as you can just press the points without anyone noticing what you are doing and get results instantly. A great way to use your own energy to cool yourself in this heat.

Where to buy tip

Talisman Teas have a great selection of premium teas and I get snow chrysanthemum from here, if you’re not sure what is like you can buy a sample bag to check.

Huge thanks to Nicola for sharing her tips on how to stay cool this Summer.

Emily x