Mar 29th 2018
Eat Well At Easter

Easter holidays involve days off with obstacles of chocolate, hot-cross buns and family get togethers that might result in some slight bumps in our healthy eating regimes. Whether you want to want to mindfully indulge or keep healthy eating strict over Easter, these additional habits can help limit the impact of sugar and help you to eat well at Easter.

  1. Eat Breakfast

This might seem simple but it is quite tempting to get up and eat a little chocolate, if you do fancy a chocolate breakfast opt for raw cacao powder either in a granola, porridge, pancake or hot chocolate. Accompany with a little fresh fruit such as berries some yoghurt and mixed nuts & seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, cashew, almonds, walnuts).

  1. Drink water

Start the day with at least one glass of 250ml water, this wakes up the whole system. As the day progresses you might like to add cucumber, lemon, grapefruit or even rosemary or mint to your water. Try to drink at least one litre still water and top the rest up with sparkling water. Water helps your body break down food so that it’s better able to absorb the nutrients and it tricks the brain into thinking you’re full.

  1. Lemons

Spring is somewhere, we keep getting glimpses of it and I cannot believe another cold snap is around but lemons are a great way to wake up the body. Either before your first drink of water in the morning or 15 minutes after do a shot of straight lemon juice, ginger if you fancy it too for the combination will wake up both your digestive system and you detoxification pathways too.

  1. Eat Your Greens

Whether it is a roast, or just lunch incorporate greens, such as spring greens, kale, broccoli, cabbage into your lunch. These help with your detoxification process and stop you from feeling too sick as sometimes too much of a good thing can do just that. All of us are different and for some we might be slow at collecting up toxins but great at expelling them and for others we are very efficient at collect up toxins but there is a slight delay with opening up the channels to detox. One thing’s for sure extra greens like spring greens & kale, providing they are cooked, will be highly beneficial for supporting all phases of detoxification.

  1. Feed Your Gut

Not just sugar, all the bad bacteria in the gut will have a feast, so be sure to add some food for the good guys. Whether it is taking a probiotic, having some fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled vegetables or drinks like kombucha or water kefir, or maybe even homemade kefir with breakfast, these are all key things to consume over Easter. Be sure to provide prebiotic food too, artichokes make a great salad and something that can be whipped up easily and a super addition to salads or mains, and they make a delicious snack too.

  1. Crowd out

Chances are if you have a food craving for chocolate it’s not. It’s more for nuts & seeds. So before setting down to another helping of chocolate, try a handful of mixed nuts & seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios and walnuts for these will actually provide the body with the minerals it needs and make you fuller quicker. Also check you aren’t thirsty first, a glass of water can surprisingly be all you needed. This way your chocolate gets to last longer.

  1. Light Meals

After Easter (or during if you can), have a few light meals to offset against any over indulgence. Still eat and enjoy what you eat, just think of alternatives to roasted potato, pasta and bread. So perhaps opt for a hot lentil salad with roasted onion, pepper and a coriander & lime dressing; also try and include more protein into your diet whether from grains like quinoa, beans (pinto or black beans), eggs or meat with the addition of healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, nuts & seeds.

  1. Exercise

Dancing, a good song on the radio? Music on in the evening? Getting up and having a boogie will help with shaking a few excess calories off, remember to “dance as if no one is watching you to really enjoy yourself.” Or perhaps a good walk, at least 30 minutes will be great for the body too. Whether it’s walk, run or dance have fun doing it.

Hope these are of help to you this Easter, select a few that you can do as all these tips will help you to beat a chocolate hangover (and most other hangovers too!).

Have a wonderful Easter having fun and eating well, Emily x