Nov 3rd 2017
What To Drink To Feel Good

It is important that during the colder months that we remain hydrated as not all warm or hot drinks are equal. In this post I will share with you my top five warm drinks to try and add to your everyday drinking habits.

Water is good for you however it comes, cold water could be beneficial if you are extremely hot and want to cool down quickly as well as burn a few calories as cold water needs to be metabolised to bring it up to body temperature, however cold water has its place and it is not best to drink water cold all the time as it restricts digestion. During the colder months, we become more susceptible to the cold and drinking cold drinks will make us feel even colder, hence why we have a built in automatic response to drink warm or room temperature drinks and eat warm food. Warm water helps to break down food, assists with peristalsis, improves your blood circulation and it too helps you to lose weight as this has to be metabolised.

Caffeinated drinks dehydrate the body, therefore it is imperative that if you cannot function without them in your daily lifestyle that you have more of a focus on drinking water.


Citrus or Tropical Warm Water

A slice of lemon in warm water, if you have a flask to take out with you all day, opt for this, it will stay warm and taste great too. If you really like the lemon taste, add half a lemon juice to the mix, maybe drink through a straw to protect those toothy pegs. If you fancy something a little more fruity try some chopped pineapple into warm water too, it has a mild sweet flavour.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea, this is a warming spice, you can either make a pot or flask with some fresh pieces chopped up or add it to a herbal tea you already enjoy. If you do feel the cold easily then keep off of green and mint teas as they have a cooling effect on the body.

Keeping with the spices try an infused tea of cinnamon & ginger with a little star anise or for something that really helps digestion try fennel & star anise. If using fennel I have found that grinding the fennel seeds helps to release more flavour.


Hot Chocolate With A Twist

If you would like a milk alternative to add into your everyday drinks then a lovely warm chocolate with cacao powder would definitely be a great addition. By using warm water rather than hot you keep all the nutritional goodness within raw cacao powder and have access to beneficial vitamins & minerals like Vitamin C & magnesium. For an extra twist add in a tsp. Coconut sugar with ¼ tsp ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper & vanilla, this is a really warming hot chocolate.

Turmeric Lattes

Turmeric lattes, are a real treat and so easy to make in your own kitchen, either with a fresh organic root grated up or ground turmeric paired with cinnamon, ginger & a little black pepper- trust me it tastes great. If you do not want to try with black pepper then omit and use a milk that has a high fat content like coconut milk, to be able to get the maximum nutrition from turmeric.


Pumpkin Lattes

For the super adventurous you could try roasted pumpkin, follow the pumpkin puree recipe and add in a tablespoon or two of liquid sweetener like rice or maple syrup, could use some traditional spices like one to two teaspoons of cinnamon, with 0.5tsp. ground nutmeg to create a sweet puree to then add to your turmeric lattes! Oh yes! It’s really a winner, also doubles up as a snack as it is quite filling too.