Creamy Herby Salad Dressing

A delicious salad full of goodies and a drizzle of a delicious dressing can really enhance the enjoyment of a salad. I’ve been wanting to create a salad dressing to taste something similar to a well known brand but is delicious & nutritious!  Instead I created my own with the following points at the core:

💛Be nutritious: what could I use as a base to get a creamy texture, that’s neutral in flavour and something that I can easily buy/ keep whilst providing nutrients.

💚Taste delicious: what can I use to flavour it, how can I get added nutrients, what ingredients can be optional for sometimes it depends on what we’ve got in stock for I want this salad dressing to be easy to make & versatile.

💙Easy to store, what could I use to prolong the shelf life in a natural & nutritious way.

🧡Quick & easy to make, perhaps it doesn’t need exact measurements maybe it can be more free hand to unleash creativeness in the kitchen.

Using good quality ingredients I have come up with a delicious & nutritious creamy herby salad dressing. You can make it your own by using less garlic, garlic powder or even no garlic, instead of apple cider vinegar to use lemon juice, or instead of salt use lemon juice.

The Creation

  1. Weigh the water on scales and pour into the blender container. This is the most accurate way.
  2. Soak cashews for 4-6 hours (I always have some in the fridge or defrost some out of the freezer).
  3. Add soaked cashews into high speed blender (like nutri-bullet or ninja).
  4. Add herbs, salt/lemon juice, ACV & garlic.
  5. Blend until smooth consistency.
  6. Store in a jar and keep in the fridge.


Use within a week or two.