Chestnut & Sage Stuffing

One of my most treasured recipes, this stuffing is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, wheat free, egg free, suitable for candida albicans diets and vegans & vegetarians (just leave out the bacon). It has was created for our family Christmas a few years ago and enjoyed by everyone. Christmas dinner wouldn’t be the same without it, also try adding to warm salads and veggie stews for a sweet delicious dumpling too.

If you are sensitive to oats, add chopped almonds instead. This can be made in advance and defrosted the day before, made the day before or even on the day you wish to use it for it take only a couple of minutes to make.

Suitable for: wheat, gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, egg and alcohol
Lifestyle diets of Vegan, Vegetarian, Anti-Candida

The Creation

  1. If using bacon, grill the rashers of bacon, set aside to cool and then chop into pieces.
  2. In a mixing bowl puree with a hand-held blender together the chestnuts and butter beans, add the herbs, salt and pepper and continue to puree (mix).
  3. Add the oats or almonds and mix well. Add the optional bacon & mix too.
  4. Roll into golf sized balls
  5. Bake or cook for 10 minutes, until warmed through and golden on the outside if baking.
  6. Enjoy!