Jun 1st 2018
How ACES can help you…

Now I am not talking about you needing to learn how to have a winning serve to get aces! I am referring to an abbreviation of vitamins and minerals that are vital to help your body reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a fairly hot topic, any sort of pain, throbbing, swelling, stiffness, aching, tiredness, fluid retention and bloating will incur some sort of inflammation in the body and this can increase over time if you simply ignore and do nothing about it. Rather than reaching for pain killers, as although these might help sort term they are not beneficial to your body in the long term and do not get down to the root cause. I suggest you start increasing foods that contain lots of ACES and reducing sugar, gluten & dairy in your diet.

Reduce down inflammatory foods

Do you know what foods cause your symptoms to worsen? Do you have an inkling?

I am not coeliac but I am gluten intolerant and it would appear that I have migrated back to being quite sensitive to gluten, I simply decided to tackle reducing gluten, sugar & dairy. Reducing dairy is easy for me, I reduce it right out of my every day diet and I have my alternatives that I am happy to use such as almond milk, coconut milk yoghurt, cashew nut cheese. Next I worked on gluten and this was hard at first as I realised just how much I had let it into my diet, I became quite strict and those around me had to take a while to adjust too, it took some strong will power on my part but after about 2 weeks I really noticed a difference, especially in my hands. I was a bit concerned I was starting to get arthritis in my thumbs, they felt stiff, swollen and aching, with taking gluten out of my diet again I cannot believe how flexible I feel and even lighter in my hands.

The big one is sugar, it really is quite literally everywhere! The toughest thing for me is breakfast, sometimes I have some cereal and guess what there’s hidden sugar in here. I try and make my own but this goes so fast so I have back up on days when I run out. So far I am a month in to reducing dairy, gluten & sugar out of my every day diet and I do feel much better, bloating reduced, aching reduced, better energy levels, I am more motivated, I feel that my will power is returning more each day especially with the help of the foods containing aces too.

What are ACES?

The acronym ACES stands for:

A is for Vitamin A including beta-carotenes.

C is for Vitamin C

E is for Vitamin E

S is for Selenium

These are potent sources of antioxidants that are highly beneficial for joint health and reducing inflammation. Protein also plays a critical role in many vital functions including building and repairing muscle and cartilage for joint health. Water is also important to keep fluidity in the body too.

Where can you find ACES?


Focus upon increasing your ACES foods to at least 7 a day, 10 if you can and reducing down foods that cause inflammation. Give this approach a good try for however long you need until you start to notice a difference.