Locally Wholesome Meals.

Hi! I'm Emily and I’ve had a keen interest in food for my whole life... When we eat food that is in harmony with our bodies it makes us feel "NURTURED & NOURISHED".

Now more than ever there is a real need to eat delicious nutritious soulful food that is readily available, without any preservatives, additives and a ready meal doesn’t cut it taste-wise or deliver on nutrition.    We want to feel nurtured & nourished from the food we eat whether we cook it ourselves or grab something from the freezer. After having my first baby and eating up the food I had filled my freezer with (and become reliant on), I found myself wishing there was someone out there who could "fill my freezer" knowing what I know.  With a young baby, making meals became somewhat stressful,  abandoned ideas and burnt saucepans certainly didn't help confidence, and there really isn't a quick solution when there's a crying baby involved. I needed a solution and Nurture & Nourish came from my need.  Working with local cooks and taking nutrition into account, I  make sure my meals are well-balanced and focus upon variety. With concepts of eating seasonally, low food miles, fresh food, eco-friendly packaging and supporting local businesses, I have developed these meals.  Using wholesome ingredients makes eating a pleasure, I carefully plan dishes using seasonal vegetables and there's always lots of variety in my monthly meal box.      

Cookery Courses

What our clients say

The meals were just perfect…The tagine was beautifully flavoured, just the right mixture of spices and herbs. Already looking forward to sampling my next Nurture & Nourish dish.

Flexitarian Meal Box

Thank you for nourishing our bodies and souls, much appreciated. Good size portions and recyclable containers, well planned and thought through.

Liisa & Peter
Flexitarian Meal Box

Super tasty!! Really yummy. It was really amazing to have good quality food cooked for us. Enjoyed it very much.

Flexitarian Meal Box
Nourishing Ready Meals

I have made it my mission to get creative in the kitchen and to find a delicious naturally healthy way to cook using local & seasonal ingredients. Being mindful of the ingredients brings an adventure to cooking, trying new flavour combinations and working with the seasons all sparks creativity in the kitchen.

Keeping food local, food miles low and absolutely no large-scale manufacturing,I have developed meals that are full of wholesome food and delicious! The meals are freshly home-cooked in my boutique kitchen in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside – there’s no finer place to create some culinary magic for you to enjoy with your monthly meal box. The monthly meal box is cooked & delivered (or collected) on the day it is created, you can choose whether to keep it in the fridge or freeze for when you need it most.

Everyday Goodness Book One
The most popular weekly tips have even made it into a little fact book, Everyday Goodness Book One.

Please contact Emily if you would like a copy!