My Naturally Healthy Journey so far…

Food being “at one” has been quite a journey.

Hi! I'm Emily and I’ve had a keen interest in food for my whole life but it wasn’t until I discovered my own food intolerances that I REALLY began to have fun with the food available to me! When we eat food that is in harmony with our bodies it makes us feel great, and this is one of the founding values of FoodAtOne Cookery School: to provide you with naturally healthy food every day that is “at one” with you too.

I have multiple food intolerances (wheat, yeast, dairy, sugar, potatoes & GMO corn/maize). After trying all sorts of diets, supplements and exercise regimes, as well as consulting with medical professionals, I started my own investigations and experiments; I specifically wanted to learn more about the foods that made me feel great and those that really didn’t. I began to appreciate the fact that my intolerances made me unique and that, if I took action, I could once again, lead a life full of vitality. With concepts of eating seasonally, learning about how to create food that is delicious and nutritious and where to shop, I feel supported by this lifestyle. I have developed recipes, using healthy ingredients, that make eating a pleasure and I now pass these on to clients who attend my courses.

Cookery Courses

What our clients say

My friend and I booked on our second cookery course and am pleased to say it was just as much fun as the first.  I like the informal feeling of the courses and Emily is so friendly and knowledgeable and really took time to research my combination of food intolerances to come up with recipe alternatives that still taste delicious. We had a great time, thanks Emily.

Easy Eats

I did the Superfoods course with Emily this week, it was just brilliant I feel very lucky to have taken the time to do this. I learnt so much, every bit of information Emily gives is invaluable. I got to take home some fantastic food.

Lara K.
Detox & Superfood

Just back from the raw chocolate making course really enjoyed it and love the taste of all the types of chocolate that we made. Emily is really knowledgeable and has given us so many ideas to go on, we feel confident to make our own.

Carrie S.
Healthy Raw Chocolate Making
Delicious Nutritious Cooking

I have made it my mission to get creative in the kitchen and to find a delicious naturally healthy way to cook using healthy ingredients at my FoodAtOne Cookery School. I began developing recipes with substitutes, trying new combinations and testing out new methods of preparation and cooking. The recipes that came helped form the basis of my Food At One healthy foundations.

Since embarking on my journey of food discovery, it has often struck me how so few realise the magic that can be created with a few simple methods, a little understanding and an open mind. So, with this and my healthy foundations in mind, I have developed courses that make cooking wholesome food, fun and simple, with delicious results! Courses are hosted at my boutique cookery school in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside – there’s no finer place to get inspired and create some culinary magic!

Everyday Goodness Book One
The most popular weekly tips have even made it into a little fact book, Everyday Goodness Book One.

Please contact Emily if you would like a copy!