Where Summer Meets Autumn

Put a reminder in your calendar and make the effort to visit your local farmers market as there is an abundance of produce around. Not just quantity but variety too!

This is where you can make some truly delicious food and slowly transition from fresh cooling food into foods to keep you warm as the temperatures start to decline. Not that I am wishing the Summer away but some days I have really felt cold and I have been unprepared for this, especially in my fridge!

A little warning though, blink and you might miss it, so be sure to dive right in and enjoy what nature has in store for you over the next couple of weeks.

This picture gives you a good idea of what is around, most importantly lots of vegetables! These can be paired with fresh herbs like basil, parsley, coriander and thyme as well as using ground spices like paprika, turmeric, cumin & ginger.

Summer Meets Autumn

Why am I so excited?

Buying peppers, fennel, courgettes, tomatoes & aubergines that are in season, grown less than 10 miles from my house and are spray free that’s why! These are a great basis for roasted veg or once roasted have you tried blending them all up into a delicious sauce? Or adding some water with a little extra seasoning and turning them into a soup? Delicious, nutritious & freezes well too.

I also plan to recreate quite a few dishes with aubergines these include, sliced with basil and layered into a vegan moussaka AND chilli, aubergine & water blended into a delicious paste to use with courgetti pasta.

If you are not ready for soups then why not try a hot salad? Combining hot vegetables like roasted fennel or aubergine with cold ones like carrot ribbons & watercress. Warm fennel I find is sweeter and easier to digest.

Spark Your Imagination

I hope something might spark your imagination with what you could could easily make right now. Yes I might be focussing on the vegetables, that is my thing I do love to count vegetables rather than calories! Fruit like plums & figs (& tomatoes!) make great additions to savoury dishes too.

Remember my post about The Many Uses of Basil… You got it, why not add this into the mix. For me its roasting the vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, fennel and adapting these to become such different dishes from curries, to pesto, to celebrating Mediterranean delights.

Now’s the time to get cooking as nature is making it easy for you.