The Seed in Disguise…

Cashew nuts are an unusual nut and actually a seed in disguise… This seed grows on the outside of a cashew apple. Cashew nuts are not sold in their shells (or with the cashew apple) as the it contains a natural chemical acid, that burns!cashew Apples

Plant Nutrition- Why Eat Cashews?

A handful of cashew nuts (approximately 30g, which is around 15 cashew nuts) provides:
5g of plant protein- pretty good really; 20-25% RDI magnesium this is important for bone health and energy production; 12% RDI of iron which is increased when combined with vitamin C rich foods such as red pepper, broccoli, citrus fruit and lemon juice; from sauces to curries add those cashews!  20% RDI copper which helps the body to use iron and is important for nerve function, bone growth and glucose metabolism and 12% RDI zinc for healthy skin, hair and immune system. So if you’re thinking ahead to the next coming weeks, with back to school looming and a change of season opt for cashew nuts weather they are soaked, raw and unsalted they are great for nourishment.

Just cashewsHealth Benefits

rich source of healthy fats mainly monounsaturated fats at 63% total fat.
Reduces heart disease risk eating a handful of nuts at least five times a week, including cashews, can reduce the risk of heart disease by 30–50%.
Low-Glycemic Index (GI) cashews have a low GI value of 25. A low-GI diet can help to manage blood glucose and insulin levels and may also reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Helps with weight management although high in fat, research has found that those eating cashews (and other nuts) are more likely to have a healthy BMI. Nuts help with appetite control.
Naturally low in chemicals cashew nuts are the one nut that people following an elimination diet are allowed. Cashews have low levels of natural food chemicals that some may be intolerant too. They are best eaten raw as roasting can increase the levels of these chemicals and reduce nutritional content.

Creamy Cashew Nuts

If eating cashews straight up is your thing – keep doing it. If you want more out of your cashews then try…soaking for at least 8 hours and throw the water away, the cashews become creamier and you can make an excellent cashew nut mylk this way by just adding filtered water, cashew cream by adding less water and a must try would be raw bakes! Keep refrigerated.

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