Savoury is the MOST satisfying


So its 4pm in the afternoon and after knocking myself out with ONE homemade macaroon it most definitely was NOT worth it. Firstly the voice in my head has started off with its negative talk, making me really feel bad about my small treat and now secondly my body has reacted with a sore tummy, dizziness and this huge urge to have a sleep, not go for a run to shake it off I can only just about master a walk downstairs to the kitchen. Whilst I write this I realize all is not lost, I can of course rely on water to flush this out but it will take a couple of hours to feel better and worst of all back to how I was an hour ago!

Now in my head this is currently the chatter: savoury is better, slow releasing and good tasting, that sugar loaded treat tasted good for exactly how long…. 5 minutes would be generous, lets say more like 2 minutes whilst you ate it followed by 30mins whilst the blood sugar rose, but you got the indication you felt tired after the first mouthful, plus remember all you tasted was a one dimensional SWEET and dude you know this is the signal that a crash will occur! Oh and well done the tummy is definitely still going to be there tonight or even tomorrow bloating is sexy….. NOT!

This does remind me that savoury is the most satisfying, firstly the chatter does not even start in my head so I continue my tasks quite happily and I am productive, secondly savoury is multidimensional especially when taking time chewing food at least 15-20 times. There is method behind the madness, this signals to the brain that you are eating more food than you actually are, it breaks down the food into more digestible amounts, one actually tastes their food being able to recognise flavours from herbs, ground spices, fresh herbs, seasoning all having a little dance on your tongue and the BEST thing is voila slow releasing energy and you make it through to home time with all your energy in tact. Plans for tonight seem doable by keeping to healthy fresh savoury options and the only thing going through your mind is… you knew you could do it. Praise, satisfaction, focus and you conquered today! Exercise… yep I’m ready for that!

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