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Ready for a healthy reset? Generally over consumption of anything can result in our bodies feeling heavy, there may be a few symptoms such as bloating, sugar cravings, migraines, foggy heads, congestion and sluggish digestion.  Thorough the year there are occasions which encourage over-indulgence such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and Bank Holidays, maybe even the odd weekend here and there.

Coming on this course we will give you the “know how” on detoxing effectively & quickly with easy & tasty choices. Indulge when you wish once you know what simple, yet effective food(s) you can reach for to help your body detox, just with little tweaks and from the benefits of adding superfoods to your everyday eating.

On this course you will learn about:
-Starting the day off with a clean start
-Foods for energy
-Foods to ‘detox’ for different parts of the body -Foods to control cravings-Foods to cleanse the body -Maintaining foods for overall health- Superfoods Vegetables- Superfood Fruits- Superfood Powders and Superfood recipes for snacks and everyday eating.

This course will be your guide to clean eating, with creativity from naturally healthy seasonal produce and superfood choices available all year round.

Recipes include detox juices; golden elixirs; spiced superfood salad; golden vegetable soup; superfood granola.

Suitable for intolerances of wheatglutenyeastdairylactosealcohol and sugar
Lifestyle diets of Candida AlbicansVegetarianVegan

Please call Emily on 07799 199477 or 01227 687892 for details. 

Boutique cookery course just 4 spaces available per cookery class. Email

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