Dairy Free & Gluten Free Course

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FoodAtOne Dairy Free Course

Whether you are lactose intolerant as a dietary requirement or dairy free as a lifestyle choice be sure to be inspired by our dairy free course. Dairy free means that you avoid all products derived from cow’s milk e.g. milk, cream, cheese, casein and any products containing these ingredients such as milk chocolate, cheesecakes, milkshakes, macaroni cheese, ice cream, whey protein powders etc.

With the combination of being dairy free and gluten free there is even more of an emphasis on taste, texture and easy to make.

Removing dairy from your diet also can contribute to nutrient deficiencies as even fortified products do not contain our daily recommendations for key nutrients such as calcium, protein and vitamin D. On this course we wish to support your healthy lifestyle, introduce you to many food sources for key nutrients and most importantly share with you our delicious recipes too.

FoodAtOne’s nutritional cook, Emily Curson-Baker will be sharing with you the delights from her lifestyle of cooking dairy free and gluten free.

On the menu will be a combination of both sweet treats such as a creamy chocolate profiteroles and savoury dishes for quick easy dinners that can be whipped up in a few minutes. Plus there may be some dips, dressings and mini tartlets (gluten free too) and there shall definitely be a hidden treat for you all within this dairy free and gluten free course.
As this is a gluten free kitchen, we will always use gluten free products to avoid cross-contamination. 

Recipes include mini tartlets, pancakes, creamy soups, dips and dressings.

Please call Emily on 07799 199477 or 01227 687892 for details.

Boutique cookery course just 4 spaces available per cookery class. Email emily@foodatone.com

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