Comfort CookingComfort Cooking

Learn how to make homemade nutritious and delicious comfort food.

Suitable for intolerances of wheatglutenyeastdairylactosealcohol, corn, and soya

Lifestyle diets of Candida AlbicansVegetarianVegan

Cook delicious comfort food with recipes that can be prepared in advance and stored in the freezer holding onto their nutritional goodness for the times when you need them most.

Quick and easy to make, packed full of an array of vegetables, herbs and spices all tasting great.

A healthy twist to meals such as pizza, pies, cauliflower bakes and soups. Feel good about eating those comfort foods with a delicious nutritious spin!

Recipes include pumpkin pastry; sweet chestnut soup; oat crunchies; ultimate tomato sauce and super healthy pizzas!

Please call Emily on 07799 199477 or 01227 687892 for details. 

Boutique cookery course just 4 spaces available per cookery class. Email

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