My Naturally Healthy Journey so far…

Emily Curson-BakerFood being “at one” has been quite a journey.

I am in my late twenties and whilst at University I had a need to discover what food makes me feel great all the time (and what doesn’t), this is one of the founding values of FoodAtOne Cookery School to provide you with naturally healthy food everyday that is “at one” with you.

I had multiple food intolerances and I tried all sorts of diets, supplements, exercise and consulted medical professionals.

Healthy Food Collage

I now accept that these are what make me unique and my personally developed recipes keep me full of health and vitality.  You will find some of these in the naturally healthy recipes and taught through FoodAtOne Cookery School.

When I do eat something that is not right for me… those small moments of enjoyment are followed by my body rejecting what I ate.  So with this in mind I do try to keep off wheat, yeast, dairy, sugar, potatoes and GMO corn/maize. However, I have developed enough recipes to make my eating a pleasure and I now pass to clients on my courses using healthy ingredients.


Delicious Nutritious Cooking

On my journey I have stumbled upon some really great products and recipes that enrich my diet and I use them on a daily basis. I have written my own version of a Healthy Food Plan and I have devised four hour cookery classes which take place at my boutique cookery school in Badlesmere near Faversham, Kent.

Cookery School Scene

The cookery courses stemmed from my passion for delicious and nutritious cooking. There is: Gluten Free Cookery, Sweet, Savoury and Bread; Healthy Raw Chocolate Making; Everyday Goodness; Detox & Superfood, Easy Eats and Mid-Week Meals.

I have made my mission to get creative in the kitchen and to find a delicious naturally healthy way to cook and use healthy ingredients at FoodAtOne Cookery School.


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Every week I take time out to write to you, I want to help you to learn about wholesome food and the best ways to eat it. I am constantly learning about new food related information the more I delve into this fascinating subject, the more I want to share this with you.


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