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 Working at my desk today with Henry underneath laying on my foot- awww very cute- keeping extra close to me today. Hopeful for a walk or biscuits!   ❤️  Roasted vegetables with a quinoa, hempseed, carrot salad & pesto sauce with avocado too. A fully loaded plate, delicious AND nutritious.   My little boy having a rare cuddle with me... he's getting a bit selective so I'm enjoying every minute. ❤️❤️❤️ #lovehim❤️ #cockerspaniel #bestfriendcuddles #mybestfriend
 New snack to try out... recipe coming soon, just perfecting the flavour balance. These baked chickpeas make a great healthy snack, moorish yet filling   Wow presented with these for breakfast from my wonderful fiancé !! Gluten Free dropped scones just how the Queen likes them!   Blown away by the kombucha variety... I need to weight train to be able to take all these home from London to Kent! @wholefoodsuk #kombucha #kombuchalove #kombuchalover #kombuchalife #healthydrink
 Snack attack! These are tasty, filling and easy to make... recipe on website today. Click link in bio.  Lunch today- basil  & hemp seeds, pinto beans, cooked broccoli, lentils, sundried tomatoes, tahini, olive oil & lemon juice.   Cauliflower Bread Rolls- my first attempt at making these, worked out well, needed more ground almonds than the recipe said. Suitable for both sweet & savoury flavours- inspired to make more. #cauliflower #cauliflowerbread #cauliflowerbreadrolls #proteinbread #lowcarbbread #tryingsomethingnew #creativekitchen
 Out tonight for @drlegumes at @orchardlanecoffeehouse thoroughly enjoying our drinks and the food looks amazing- pics to follow.  Different types of lettuce leaf, grown at the cookery school HQ... taste sooo good added to a salad with a huge variety of "goodies"
 Slightly slower walk today at Henry's pace as I forgot the lead. Rather than turn back I thought I'll let him lead the way, he's doing a great job even being partially sighted now.  Fab friend dropped these round picked today- we shared the cabbage it was huge! Rhubarb crumble for Sunday dinner most definitely!
 Lovely sunset walk today walk with my boys - just the three of us & we met a huge bull along route too.  Lots of hidden goodies in today's salad Artichokes, tomatoes, radishes, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, avocado, as well as rocket & parsley.
 Gluten free baking course today - captured jam tarts & profiteroles & eclairs with chocolate yum!  What am I? Take 2 hours to cook and taste amazing with seasonal greens...
 Greens - I love them  broccoli & asparagus with lentil & pinto bean veg mix  Loving this super berry tea it's delicious hot & cold. Made myself a pot as one cup is not enough!