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 Gluten Free Baking course, learn to make delicious shortcrust pastry (GF mince pies!), choux pastry (profiteroles), cinnamon biscuits, light & fluffy cupcakes & a classic Victoria Sandwich. Course includes, ingredients, laminated recipes, info pack & take all that you make home with you. Fun filled packed 4 hours! Amazing what you can learn to do. Skills for life.  I'm off to celebrate my cousins wedding in Corfu and opting for this salad from Pret at the airport. Snuck it on the flight. Really enjoyed it.  Simple Greens with "sprinkles" hempseed, herbs and chia seeds Having a very relaxed day before the run up to the week ahead of party planning for my big birthday next weekend! Eek!
 Lunch today brightly coloured roasted pumpkin mash, hemp seeds sprinkled on top with aubergine & tomato curry. Had some left over basil leaves so popped them onto too.    Marinating artichokes with sun-dried tomatoes & fresh basil from the garden delicious. Makes a delicious addition to lunch either on oat cakes, with some salad & a fab snack. Keep in the fridge, in a jar for up to a week.  Oh this was sooo goood! Pumpkin, pears and coriander from @thegoodsshed_ A one pot wonder & I cannot wait for it to be on @orchardlanecoffeehouse menu!
 Ohh yes. Still managing to drink a juice especially one with this with a good kick of cayenne. Opting for this as my afternoon snack today.    I turned 30 the other day and was surprised by my very talented friend who made my birthday cake. Those flowers took a minimum of 2 hours each - blown away was an understatement! The cake was all gone by the end of the party too- very good cake! 🥂  Having a healthy hot chocolate @chococru with @oatlybarista wow I literally just shook the carton and it came out like this! Frothy bubbly heaven!
 Had a super fun Easy Eats cookery course yesterday with these lovely ladies. Lots of laughter & lots of goodies to go home with too!  Roasted some squash today with red onion, skins, seeds n all. 45mins in the oven. Seeds are so easy to scoop out and skin slips off too. Will have most of it for dinner tonight with a lovely rice & lentil salad any left over will go towards lunch tomorrow.  Continuing with the recipe developing for @orchardlanecoffeehouse here we have a one-pot mixed root curry.
 Sunset whilst walking my doggie beautiful (if slightly cold) end to the day! Have a super start to the weekend!   Yippee my #feelgoodfruit baobab has arrived. I make all my smoothies from scratch and this is a key ingredient to making them taste great Love the recipe card - turmeric & baobab hummus I'm definitely giving that a try  thank you @adunaworld
 I’ve been quiet on here but not in the kitchen! Oh my goodness I have been trying to change my flatbread on the easy eats course to suit a client who cannot eat seeds & beans, gluten & dairy free too! After 6 attempts (not failures as they taste great ) I have success. Everything in the bottom left are the winners! Sometimes it really does take time to master a recipe and I wanted to share with you my journey these past few days to get to here.  Sunshine soup bowl, just what I needed today. Garnished with coriander picked from my garden. Flavours were: pumpkin, carrot & coriander.
 I’m back! Wow that was a long break from Instagram. I went into hibernation with a nasty bug after a lovely holiday in Corfu- maybe it was holiday blues but whatever it was it knocked me straight off my feet and into bed   Now I am using a vast range of foods and having a soups packed full vegetables to give my body the nutrition it needs to fully heal. Topped this soup with roasted vegetables 🥕  Out on errands today in Canterbury popped into @cw_foods to get a few bits and grabbed this balanced energy bar from @pulsinandbeond wow it was good, perfect size, filling and had natural ingredients too. I went for the chocolate orange, I can see this becoming a firm favourite. It's also vegan, gluten free & dairy free and refined sugar free. Ticked all my boxes. Yummy!
 Enjoying my family holiday in Corfu. Sunrise this morning was a delight and today my cousin @robmaddenpt marries his beautiful fiancé cannot be wait to see the bride!  The detox & superfood course was great! Here we are making a super food granola and dancing round the kitchen. ‍